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In this episode we’re going to talk about Technic gear basics. Why should I use gears? What size should I use and for what purpose, How do I transfer power from HERE to OVER THERE? Should I power it with motors of a crank? We answer all these questions and more!

Here are the two books we recommended. Both are excellent and approach the subject very differently.

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LEGO, YouTube Videos
Today we’re meeting with some of the amazing people that help support the TrickyBricks Build & Chat via our Patreon account. They share their relationship to the LEGO hobby, how they got there and where they are going!

Here’s how you can find our participants on today’s show:

Kat: Twitch:

Youtube: Misstapkat




Kim: IG:

Twitch: where I stream LEGO at 8pm CST / 6pm PST every Wednesday

Shane: LEGO Instagram personal Instagram review website)



You can watch the entire episode right here!